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What Happens During a Reiki Session?

Reiki is a form of alternative medicine which functions as a healing therapy. It is an ancient Japanese healing technique which was created by Dr. Mikao Usui in the early 20th century. The Reiki system was designed to connect consciously with this spiritual energy. It is nonreligious and promotes balance, healing and well-being.

A typical reiki session lasts between 20 and 90 minute. During the session, it is best for you to either lie down on a bed or sit in a comfortable chair. Then just close your eyes, relax and tune into yourself. Let go of any expectations of specific outcomes, surrender any energy that is no longer serving you and just be open to receiving whatever comes to you. Trust that you will receive what is right for you at this point in time.

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What should I expect to feel during a session?

Everyone’s Reiki experience is different so there’s no way to determine what sensations you will feel.

Here are some common sensations you may experience during a Reiki session:

  • You may experience some temperature sensations ranging from hot to cold in the head, hands, chest, knees and feet as well as hand, arms.
  • You may experience sensations such as a tingling, vibrational buzzing, numbness, heaviness, throbbing, itchiness or goose-bumps.
  • You may feel a deep sense of relaxation.
  • You may feel a release and shed a few tears, or just feel like laughing!
  • You may have specific visualizations of colors, or lights, memories or walking along paths, surrounded by angels, animals, spirit guides and or feeling elevated above the body or significant heaviness to the ground.
  • You may have the sensations of wind blowing or waves of air or water like energy through their bodies or lightness surrounding them, or noises and sensations of birds.
  • You may feel sleepy and yawn repeatedly as incoming Reiki energies soothe and calm pent-up emotional tension and stress.
  • You may experience pressure or the sensation of touch on hands and feet although there was no hands or pressure applied by the Reiki practitioner.

Remember that many people do not experience any sensations at all. This does not mean your session did not work. Sensations are not required for Reiki to be helpful. Some sensations may feel good however some may also feel uncomfortable. Just try to allow whatever arises to pass without attaching too much meaning to it. Your experiences may become deeper the more you continue with reiki.

"Everybody is different! And what you feel in one session, you may not feel in the next."

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You May Not Feel Anything!

Reiki sensations can be very subtle and it is also possible that the first session may not be anything worth remembering and it may take a while to experience the calmness and relaxation that this energy healing brings. Fortunately, Reiki has its own intelligence and always works for the recipient’s Highest Good, no matter what they physically feel during the session.

Reiki heals at a very deep level that is often beyond our understanding or imagination. The desire to feel something during a Reiki treatment goes against the spiritual nature of Reiki.

We do not direct the Reiki nor dictate what should happen during the session. We simply trust that it is helping us to move forward in ways that we often do not understand, and that is the beauty of Reiki. It works at a deep spiritual level.

Love and light,

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